Lone Parent Advocacy

Empowering Lone Parents: A Voice, A Community, A Future

Navigating the journey of single parenthood presents unique challenges. At Tameka Archer Consulting, we are passionate about championing the rights, well-being, and aspirations of lone parents. Together, we strive to build a supportive community and drive meaningful change.

Why Lone Parent Advocacy Matters


Visibility & Recognition

 Elevating the voices of lone parents, ensuring their experiences, challenges, and contributions are acknowledged and valued.


Access to Resources

 Facilitating access to essential resources, services, and support networks to empower lone parents on their journey


Policy & Legislative Advocacy

 Advocating for policies and legislation that address the specific needs and rights of lone parents, fostering a more inclusive society.

My Commitment


Community Building

Creating safe spaces for lone parents to connect, share experiences, seek advice, and foster mutual support.


Resource Hub

Curating a comprehensive repository of resources, tools, and information tailored to the unique needs of lone parents.


Empowerment Workshops

Hosting workshops and events focused on skill-building, personal development, financial literacy, and other relevant topics to empower lone parents.

Services I Offer

Advocacy & Representation

Serving as a voice for lone parents, advocating for their rights, and fostering partnerships with organizations, policymakers, and stakeholders.

Support Groups

Facilitating support groups and peer-led initiatives to promote solidarity, share experiences, and provide emotional and practical support.

Legal & Financial Guidance

Offering guidance, resources, and referrals related to legal rights, financial assistance, child support, and other pertinent matters.

Educational Workshops

Organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions addressing key topics such as parenting skills, self-care, career development, and more.

Join The Movement

Are you a lone parent seeking support, resources, or a community that understands your journey? Or perhaps you’re passionate about advocating for lone parents’ rights and well-being? Connect with Tameka Archer Consulting and be part of a movement that empowers, uplifts, and transforms lives.

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